English Courses

General English: Elementary to Advanced Levels (5 Levels) 10 weeks*

General English offers English for students preparing for entry into the Secondary School Preparation Program or English for Academic Purposes courses as well as English language development and recreational English.

Secondary School Preparation Program (SSPP) Springfield Campus only*

Prepares students to enter Junior or Senior secondary school in a UIL partner school. Junior high school entry (years 8-10): 20 week SSPP Senior high school entry (years 11-12): 10 week SSPP

English For Academic Purposes (EAP) – Direct Entry English Program (DEEP) (3 levels) 10 weeks

Provides students with the necessary skills to feel confident to commence studies at tertiary institutions.

IELTS Preparation (2 levels) 10 weeks

Prepares students for the IELTS exam.

Study Tours

UIL staff are experienced in designing a study tour to suit your group’s needs. Study tours are available for groups of all ages at any time of the year.

Specialist Programs

UIL can offer a comprehensive range of services in the development and delivery of professional education programs. UIL has the ability and staff to customise and design specific courses for individual clients and groups.

Professional Development Courses

UIL can combine English and professional development programs related to local government, administration, nursing and other industry specific areas.

UIL courses aim to provide you with the English skills you need to prepare for your future studies, travel or employment. Each UIL course is designed to provide you with the opportunity to improve each of your skill areas of reading writing, listening and speaking. Our supportive teachers will encourage you to accurately use your English in a variety of situations.

UIL’s General English Course will assist you to improve your level of English for work, travel or to commence further English preparation and examination courses as part of your academic pathway. UIL’s staff will assist you to select the most appropriate course to meet your individual needs. UIL will also design and tailor courses to meet the requirements of corporate trainers and for professional development.

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